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About OJT

1.5 Million Engineering Pass outs In India Every Year, Fewer Getting Hired through campus recruitment. The single most important thing that will improve engineering graduates chances of getting a job in engineering is ability to innovate and work experience. How do engineering graduates get that experience when nobody wants to hire a unskilled candidate in solving real-time issues. However it is not impossible if there is a passion for learning and looking for an IT career. With the growing demand, it is certain that hands on resources are having a better market in this world. Training programs and OJT Studentships have become the best way through which employers are able to hire out candidates for the required job. Experience of a candidate is now considered to be the critical factor that helps an employer to decide about the worthiness of the candidate. Survey from National Association of Colleges and Employers state that about 95 employers have mentioned that hiring out candidates who have undergone the On Job Training programs seem to have a better scope at work than the others.

Designed for freshers and engineering graduates who are currently looking for a job, the OJT program from Smart-IQ Education provides the candidates with ample knowledge along with giving them an opportunity to work on the real time projects. During the OJT program the student will get the real time work place environment, put through rigorous training to well equip with professional skills, such as problem-solving, time management and other skills related IT industry. The OJT program prepares the candidates to be industry ready and further helps them to explore their field of interest in IT sector. Finally OJT program will help the student to build relevant skills, demonstrate commitment to the industry and gain sufficient experience to get a job.

Why Choose OJT

SmartIq Education SmartIq Education SmartIq Education SmartIq Education

Without a solid resume it can be tougher to be considered for a position. And how can you have a strong resume without any experience? OJT at Smart-IQ Education is key to building experience and showcase your tallent. Employeers are much more likely to hire someone with work experience rather than someone with a generic resume, lacking experience.


During the Real Time project execution at Smart-IQ Education as a programmer you need to understand the business/technical issues and provide solutions . Our senior programmers will help to do this.This learning will help you to connect with all kinds of people in your career going forward, from co-workers to managers to non-technical clients once you are placed into a company.


When it comes to problem solving, it is very important to understand the entire project and do impact analysis and prescribe solutions based on your findings.At Smart-IQ Education we gave sufficient assignment that will help students to develop analytical skills.


During the project execution priorities keep changing based on the business needs.As a team member it is your responsibility to prioritise and complete the tasks and keep customer commitment.You will be exposed to these kind of real time scenories at Smart-IQ Education.


There will be many challanges during day to day execution of the project.You will be working with outstanding Team members who can help each other improve your performance and work together towards completing the project .This will improve your participation in team discussions and improve your leadership qualities.


Team will be able to learn and adopt various methodologies used in SDLC and become accostomed to implement these in real time scenarious.This will help students to adopt quickly once they get job.


More and more corporations around the world recognize that, in order to gain a competitive advantage, they need to make sure their people know how to handle themselves at work and how to relate with the new technologies like iPhone and Android app development. Some of the things, which students will learn during their On Job Training in Smart-IQ Education.


Always the employer prefers to go for a person who has an experience, because, by hiring an inexperienced person the company has to incur an additional cost on training of the candidate and there is a steep learning curve. To address this concern the fresher's at Smart-IQ Education is given an opportunity to gain experience in a short period and add value for the best and most sought after companies.


Today's, only academic knowledge is not helpful for career growth; one needs something more than that. As a part of our OJT program one will be exposed to the latest cutting edge technologies trending in the market and that are in demand, and this gives a increased chance of placement to the OJT students


After 3 months of training, candidates are provided with real time projects along with a stipend.


Along with the knowledge and skills, it is also very important to know the Company culture that OJT Students need to follow when employed in the future. Even though OJT Students are not effectively an employee of the Smart-IQ Education, they will be exposed to the company culture and Organization best practices through which you can learn about them.


All the students who successfully complete projects with Smart-IQ Education will get an experience certificate, which will give them a big edge over their peers while applying for Job openings. During the training program, the Project Manager will closely monitor the performance at regular intervals and the Experience certificates are issued to Deserving Candidates.


Codefrux Technologies offers job assistance to OJT students based on their performance during their OJT programme. Along with the On Job Training, we also guide the students how to perform during interviews by conducting mock interviews and resume preparation.Smart-IQ Education in association with NividTech Online Services owns software development center in Bangalore.After successful completion of OJT program there is every opportunity for the students to get a job at NividTech Online Services and start their IT carrier.

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