Course Details

Smart-IQ education is designed to train and place graduates who are IT job aspirents completed their graduation prior to 2017 and looking to cover the gap.We provide you real time project experience and place you into IT companies.

Most of the students who are unable to get placement through the campus recruitment come to Bangalore in search of their dream IT job.With little information on how the IT industry works,they complete the latest trending courses,complete the certification and try job in IT companies.Certification will not help to solve the real time issues that the companies are looking at.However most of them get rejected in the interviews due to lack of expericnce on working on real time projects.Eveunually they end up doing some irrelavent job not related to their specilozation to earn the livelihood and they loose theri carrier path.

Smart IQ training methods and customized courses promise 100% employability, not just course completion. Our training method prepares its candidates as per latest and advanced technology requirements. Once candidates are given a thorough understanding of theory and hands on sessions, they are asked to work on real time projects mentored by senior developers executing real time projects.

All these steps make sure that whatever candidates learn in the classroom gets converted in practical knowledge and stays with them forever. They are trained to work on real time environments so that when they join big and reputed companies they find it very easy to adapt themselves in the high pressure environment.

Apart from working on candidate’s technical skills, Smart IQ team also works on interview skills, communication skills, CV writing skills and presentation skills. Just before sending them for the interviews, candidates are further screened for technical & soft skills, improvements are suggested if any gaps are identified. These facilities make sure that candidates are not only technically competent, but are presentable as well and qualify the interview at the first go.

iOS course is designed to prepare you for a job assignment in the world of software and mobile application development. You may start with no knowledge in iOS and this training will help you develop your programming and development skills to a level you can get ready to face certification exam for iOS. Designed in a format that meets your convenience, availability and flexibility needs, these course will lead you on the path to become a iOS professional. This course provides not only theoretical concepts of iOS, but also provides you practical hands on experience by multiple assignments and projects, that gets you ready for real time projects in the world of an IT professional.

Course Objectives

Understand working with playground

Understand working with Xcode

Understand basic swift and objective-C datatypes

Writing app using storyboards

Understand Model View Architecture

Create user interface using UISegmentControl,UITextView, UIScrollView , UIImageView, UIAlertView and UIActionSheet

Implement Tableview and Tableview customization

Understand and use Gestures

Understanding Animation

Integrate Audio and Video

Understand Layouts

Integrate GPS and MAP View

Integrate third party libraries

Understand data storage using SQLite

Understand CoreData

UnderStand plist

Understand Webviews

Integrate with Facebook Login

Integrate with other social media application

Integrate Webservices and understand Parsers

Understand Apple push Notification

Upload iOS app to App Store

System requirements

Systems will be provided to ojt students or students can bring their own laptops/pcs.

Macbook pro/air-

Processor: i5 or higher

Ram: 4GB ram or higher

Hardisk: 40GB or higher

Operating System: OS X or higher

Windows laptops/pcs [Virtual installation of mac OS]-

Processor: i3 or higher (Core 2 duo may work)

Ram: 4GB ram or higher

Hardisk: 40GB or higher

Operating System: Windows 7 or higher

Learning Objectives -

In this module, you will understand swift, a new programming language for iPhone mobile App development and also the existing programming language Objective-C. You will be dealing with programming concepts, Autolayouts or constraints, tableview implementation, CoreData approach, Webservices in both the languages.

Topics -

Programming concepts - usage of function, classes, structures etc. Table view implementations- passing of data, CoreData approach- to save data locally and retrieve it., Webservices - fetching data using REST api.

Basics of Swift language

Learning Objective -

In this module, you will learn all basic building blocks of swift. You will learn all basic concepts of swift along with, how to work with playground and Xcode IDE.


Introduction to swift programming language, Introduction to playground, Introduction to Xcode IDE, Compiling and building Simple Program.

Programming Concepts

a) Swift Datatypes

b) Swift Operators

c) Decision Making

d) Control Flow

e) Functions

f) Swift Classes

g) Structs & Enums

Assignment -

To design a town with all its properties and to find whether it is infested by monsters or not.

AutoLayouts and SizeClasses

Enables developer to design the UI screen, such that screen suits for all screen sizes be setting constraints for all UIComponents.

Assignment -

Breed App -

Arrange the images as it is given in the screen to fit in all sizes of screens. Use autolayout and size classes to satisfy or requirements.


How to display items in a tableview and also for passing data from one table to another using segues.

Assignment -

Quotes App -

App must consist of a list of entrepreneurs. On clicking each we must go to their respective quotes.


Enables programmer to save data in the database and retrieve it and display it in a table view and also to perform edit various data saved and reserve it.

Assignment -

Enroll me App -

App to get thorough knowledge about core data approach. There must be an option to add new student details and the one and the added students are added in local database and is displayed in the table view.


Learning Objectives -

This module will help you in understanding Webservices concepts, REST api’s, Loading Data from rest.

Assignment -

Giggle App -

Using web services we are fetching some random jokes from json format using REST api.

Weather App -

Using web services and core location we are fetching the location and giving the weather details of that place.


Learning Objectives -

How to create webviews and your own browser and load different webpages in them.

Assignment -

My Browser -

Using webviews load the webpage of whatever link is given to the browser.

Basics of Objective-C

Learning Objective:

In this module, you will learn all basic building blocks of Objective-C. You will learn all basic Objective-C concepts like loop, condition, Structure, category and protocols.


Introduction to C, Objective-C programming language, Introduction to Xcode IDE, Compiling and building Simple Program, basic datatypes, syntax, Structures and Classes.

Starting with Objective-C

Learning Objective:

In this module, we will start the basic Introduction to Objective-c, like message passing, method declaration, method implementation along with Protocol and Categories.


OOP’s concepts, working with Category, Protocol and Extension, Automatic Referencing.

iOS Development Basics

Learning Objective:

In this module, we will take you through XCode and iOS Sdk Installation. You will learn to create basic iOS Application. You will also learn core pillars of iOS Application Development. We will learn to use iOS simulator to test iOS Applications.

Topics –

Installing XCode and iOS SDK, Understanding XCode, creating a simple iOS app, Project templates, Introduction to pillars of iOS app development-Tools-XCode, iOS Simulator, Instruments, Language- Swift, Design patterns, frameworks, Design-CorrectUI, AppleHIG, Testing, Provisioning, Signing, Submitting, Using iOS Simulator, MVC pattern in iOS app development.

Controllers and Layouts

Learning Objective:

In this module, we will take you through iOS Application Lifecycle. You will learn different View Controllers available in iOS SDK to create different types of Applications. You will learn AutoLayouts to create Applications for different screen sizes. We will also teach you to effectively use iOS Storyboards to create multiple page iOS applications.

Topics –

Lifecycle of iOS Application, Understanding Delegation, Creating UI, Introduction to Layout and Views, iOS View Controllers. How to design responsive Interface using Autolayout, Creating a sample UI.

Table View, Collection View & Other View Controllers

Learning Objective:

This module will concentrate on Table View, Collection View & Scroll view which are considered to be heavily used views in any iOS Application.


Introduction to Table View, creating basic table view and data source, loading and sending data from one view to another using table view, Reusing table view cell, Customizing table view, UI Collection View, Introduction to multiple-view application, using Navigation Controller, Creating Tab-Bar Application, UI PageView Application.

Tab-bar, Navigation, Page View

Learning Objective:

This module will concentrate on Tab- based Applications, Navigation Controller & Page View which are been used for iOS Application.


Introduction to tab-based Application, how to create multiple tabs within the same program, sending data from one tab to another, Introduction to UINavigationController, creating multiple Views and Navigating data, UIPage based application, Root View Controller.

Objects Which helps to Fetch Data

Learning Objective:

In this module, we will take you through multiple objects which helps in picking up the data like Date picker, Image Picker & Picker View.


Introduction to UIDate Picker, fetching data from Date Picker, Introduction to Image Picker, UIPicker view (used for fetching random data from the view).

Animation, Audio Player, Video Player

Learning Objective:

In this module we will concentrate on Animation, Audio player, AV Foundation Framework, Video Player.


Introduction to basics of animation, Audio player code for any audio to play using AVFoundation Framework, Introduction to Frameworks, how to Fetch Methods from any Framework, Video Player, AVKit Framework.

Data Persistence and Storage

Learning Objective:

This module will enable you to work with Core Data database framework. You will perform various CRUD operations on Data. You will also learn to use different storage options available in iOS SDK.


Introduction to Core Data, creating models with entities, Saving models, Fetching model, Edit and remove models, Sample application implementing Core data.

Database implementation using Sqlite and Plist

Learning Objective:

This module will enable you to work with Sqlite database framework & Plist database. You will perform various operations on Data. You will also learn to use different storage options available in iOS SDK and server data.


Introduction to Sqlite database, creating entities and attributes, Data Insertion, Delete, Select, Update. Use of Plist database.

Location, Maps & Social Sharing

Learning Objective:

In this module, we will also learn to use Facebook Framework. You will also learn to capture device location and displaying locations on Map. Last but not the least this module will also teach you to post contents right from your iOS Application.


Introduction to Social Network Framework, how to post data in Social Network Site, Working with Maps, CLLocation Cordinates, MKMapView

Web Services (using JSON, XML)

Learning Objective:

In this module you will learn to create iOS Applications which can perform network operations library functions. You will also learn to handle JSON Data and also XML Data.


Introduction to networking in iOS application frameworks using JSON Handling using Objective-C JSON, Fetching the data from XML and Data Handling. Web Views & Camera

Learning Objective:

In this module, we will call Web-Views, Calling Camera to the application.


Introduction to the Web-Views, working on Web-Views. Showing Camera in the Application to take pictures or editing options.

Advance Topics

Learning Objectives -

This module will help you to understand how Social media integration works, how you can login into Facebook through your app and how to use Dictionary for Get and Post data in both the languages.

Once you are successfully through the projects (Reviewed by a Codefrux expert), you will be awarded with Codefrux’s Adavance IOS-SWIFT certificate. This certification has industry recognition and we are the preferred training partner for many MNCs

Students will work on real time Ios projects that will be uploaded to the app-store and will also assist in-house Ios developers on their existing projects


Apple has confirmed that Swift will be the basis of future iOS development. And with release of comprehensive book on Swiftlanguage,and some levels of Swift are seeming harder to learnbecause of the advanced features. Our suggestion wouldbe to continue learning Objective-C, although it may look difficultsyntactically, but conceptually it's a much simpler language and greatfor a beginner. After learning Objective-C, switchingover to Swift will be a lot easier because the two languages are quitesimilar.Also, Objective-C files can be applied alongside Swift code, so there's no missing out on any pre-existing libraries and code.
There are 1.2 million apps in the App Store and majority of them are coded with Objective-C. Apple supports both Objective-C & Swift. With time the developers will start to switch over to Swift but don't expect existingprojects to completely overhaul their apps to use the new language.Swift will stay, but it will take a while to take over Objective-C.
Yes. Swift aims on providing a developer friendly language thateverything Objective-C canpossibly do with a much simpler syntax and featureset. Also, Apple isn't a company to release something publicly and thenabandon it. And Swift has so much backing that it's bound to growextremely quickly. It can even work hand-in-hand with Objective-C codeso you can start using it right away even.
Swift is designed to be completely friendly for upcoming programmers, and makes itexceptionally easy to learn. Apple remarked that Swift is the "first industrial-quality systems programming language that is as expressive and enjoyable as a scripting language." Few have even dubbing the new Swift language as the new BASIC.
Apple has confirmed that Swift is 2.6x faster than Objective-C and 8.4x faster than Python 2.7. And in current times, if the code runs faster, it's more effective for running the apps smoother and produce a better user experience.
Objective-C has been Apple's primary programming language for app writing ever since OS X was created.From then, there has been significant changes in programming languages and practices, especially for mobile app development sector.Also, Objective-C is a challenging language for new programmers to learn, so the entry barrier is high. Therefore, rather than adopting an existing programming language, Apple created Swift specifically for their own i-devices.
Swift language is compatible with iOS 7 and higher versions, but not with iOS 6.
We do understand the different needs of the graduate and working professionals. Therefore, we have classes conducted on weekdays for fresh graduates and weekends for the professionals. Depending on the course choice, the duration of the course differs. In general, a normal training program would take 3 months for completion.
Yes, of course, the students can attend a Demo session, free of cost before joining the course.
This iOS Training Program provides students with 2 hours of hands-on classroom training, where the students will be allowed to work on the exercises.You can work on the given lab exercises & assignments on your machine as we provide installation documents. We at Codefrux Technologies, continuously review the new releases and revise our course content, examples, training materials etc., as per the demand of the industry?s necessity.
Once you join the course, we will provide you the software or the links for software that are required to build the appropriate application. We also have machines that do have the required software and hardware configuration for our students to work with the programming, but students are free to bring their own laptops and work on it.
Students are not burdened with a final exams here at Codefrux. The scores will be based on the weighted average of your performance in the quizzes and lab exercises after every module and also the final project.
Our fee structure is competitive in the market with those other institutes and training centres. In addition, we do have seasonal offers for the courses. For any further queries, contact our office for availing that opportunity.
We do have 100% assured placement assistance. When the classroom training is completed, you shall work in real-time project with assistance from our institute and developers. After that, based on your performance and skill set, our placement team will provide you with appropriate placements.